Flamenco Shows in Madrid

Flamenco Shows in Madrid

Although Flamenco was created in Andalucía, Madrid features some of the best “tablaos”, places dedicated to the performance of Flamenco, in Spain.

Flamenco is a fine art that combines music and dance styles from Andalucía with a personal touch of the Romani people in Spain. It dates back to the eighteenth century and includes baile (dance), palmas (handclapping), zapateo (feet stamping) and cante (singing).

If you like music and want to discover one of Spain’s greatest traditions, we definitely recommend spending one of your evenings in Madrid in a "tablao". Visiting Spain and not attending a Flamenco show is like going to Lisbon and not listening to Fado, its beautiful melancholic music.

Places to watch Flamenco

There are various types of Flamenco shows in Madrid. You can either go to a theatre or special venue to see this art form, or you can attend a traditional “tablao” restaurant that includes dinner followed by a lively Flamenco show, which is the most popular way of discovering this dance.

Best Madrid Flamenco restaurants

The following restaurants offer some of the best Flamenco shows in Madrid

  • Corral de la Morería: It opened as a “tablao” in 1956. It's the city’s oldest and most renowned Flamenco restaurant. It's so popular that it appears in New York Times’ bestseller “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”.
  • Torres Bermejas: Spain’s most renowned Flamenco artists have performed in this “tablao”. The restaurant is beautifully decorated.
  • Tablao Cardamomo
  • Tablao Villa Rosa
  • Casa Patas

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