Madrid Tourist Travel Card

Madrid Tourist Travel Card

Madrid’s tourist travel card allows visitors to travel as many times as needed on all the city’s public transport system (metro, urban buses, and cercanía trains). There are five types of Tourist Cards, depending on their validity: 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 calendar days.


Zone 1 day 2 days 3 days 5 days 7 days
A 8.40 (US$ 9) 14.20 (US$ 15.30) 18.40 (US$ 19.80) 26.80 (US$ 28.80) 35.40 (US$ 38)
T 17 (US$ 18.30) 28.40 (US$ 30.50) 35.40 (US$ 38) 50.80 (US$ 54.60) 70.80 (US$ 76.10)
Abonos de transporte turístico
Tourist Travel Cards

Zone A corresponds to the municipality of Madrid and is; therefore, the most popular travel pass for tourists.

Zone T is for visitors staying in the city’s outskirts.

Children less than 11 years old have a 50% discount on all types of tourist travel cards and children under the age of 4 can travel for free on any of the city’s public transport.

Where to buy the tourist travel card?

Visitors can purchase the tourist travel pass at any metro station, in the Barajas International Airport (terminals 2 and 4), and in the Regional Consortium of Transport headquarters in Plaza del Descubridor Diego de Ordás, 3.