Film and TV in Madrid

Film and TV in Madrid

Madrid throughout the years has been the scene of major national and international productions, in a city that breathes cinema around every corner.

Some of the great directors such as Pedro Almodóvar or Alex de la Iglesia have made Madrid just another character in their films, depicting both society and it the atmosphere of the city throughout history.

Even the major Hollywood productions have looked to Madrid, a city with all the tools to shoot an amazing production.

Famous films shot in Madrid

  • Pepe, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón: In one of his most famous films, Álmodovar paints a picture of Madrid in the 80s - in the middle of what is known as the 'movida'. Malasaña, one of the city's most popular neighbourhoods, is just another character.
  • Dolor y gloria: Álmodovar again, in his most recent film, has used Madrid to create a retrospective of his life. Antonio Banderas, who plays Salvador, an alter-ego for the director, won the best actor prize in Cannes for his role - and among other sights in the capital which appear in scenes in the film, one is Cine Doré, one of the meccas of Spanish cinema.
  • Abre los ojos: You're sure to recognise immediately the Torre Picasso in Madrid, where the climax of the film takes place, one of the very best shot in Madrid, and a winner of the Goya prize.
  • The Bourne Ultimatum: Major Hollywood productions have also been shot in the city, a good example being the thriller featuring Matt Damon, in which the Atocha Station, Puerta del Sol, Cibeles and Las Ventas all feature.
  • El día de la Bestia: In this film you'll see the protagonists hanging from the mythical Schweppes cartel in Plaza de Callao - the Alex de la Iglesia work is still one of the best at making the most of the Spanish captial for its shoot.
  • TV in Madrid

  • Cable Girls: This series takes viewers back to the Madrid of the 1920s, where glamour and art deco were the order of the day. Madrid, of course, is another character in the show (and perhaps the most important).
  • Money Heist: Set in Madrid, this Netflix smash hit mostly takes place in the Royal Mint of Spain.