Madrid Cercanías

Madrid Cercanías

Madrid’s commuter rail service is called Madrid Cercanías and it connects various parts of the city and the main towns in the Community of Madrid and other nearby provinces.

Cercanía trains in Madrid are connected to the main metro stations in the city and sometimes can be the fastest way of getting from one part of Madrid to another, especially in its metropolitan area.

Running times

Most cercanía lines in Madridoperate Monday to Friday between 5 am - 5:30 am and midnight, although the times can vary depending on each line.

The frequency also depends on the areas of Madrid. For example, the closer to the city centre the more frequent the trains are (every 5 minutes approximately), while trains pass the peripheral areas every 15 minutes or so.


Zones Single ticket Train pass
1 and 2 1.70 (US$ 1.80) 10 (US$ 10.60)
3 1.85 (US$ 2) 13.70 (US$ 14.60)
4 2.60 (US$ 2.80) 18.55 (US$ 19.70)
5 3.40 (US$ 3.60) 24.30 (US$ 25.80)
6 4.05 (US$ 4.30) 28.55 (US$ 30.30)
7 5.50 (US$ 5.80) 38.45 (US$ 40.80)

A one-way journey is valid for the next two hours after validating it. The Bonotren (Train pass) is a 10-journey card that is valid for one month and can be used by more than one person.

Children under six years old can travel for free in the Madrid Cercanías, although this doesn’t ensure them a seat. Only two children can travel for free with one adult.