Parque Warner

The Parque Warner Madrid (Warner Park) is one of the most famous theme parks in Spain. It was established to compete with Port Aventura and Terra Mítica. It was opened to the public in June 2002.

When it was first inaugurated, Warner Park was subject to many negative reviews due to its management problems. Nowadays, it's one of the most popular parks in Spain and has received several awards such as the safest park in the country.

The best rides

The Parque Warner stands out for the quality of its rides, especially its roller coasters. The most popular rides are the following:

  • Superman: A roller-coaster that simulates the flight of the famous superhero, Superman. It has multiple loopings and goes 100 km/h. It's very similar to the Dragon Khan in Port Aventura.
  • Batman: A roller-coaster with impressive hoops that goes more than 80 km/ h. It's as intense as Superman.
  • Coaster Express: 1 km-long wooden roller coaster. This ride is our favorite.

As well as these, there are many other great rides like la Lanzadera, the Rapids, water rides, and a great variety of rides for children.

The most popular shows

Theme parks normally also include fun shows and this is especially true about the Parque Warner. These are some of its most popular shows:

  • Police Academy Stunt show: Action, explosions, persecutions, and impressive jumps makes this the best show in the park.
  • Gotham City Streetmosphere show: Very similar to the first show and includes a fight between Batman and the Joker.

Lastly, we recommend visiting Warner Park in the morning, so the lines aren't too long. Another suggestion is to stop at the best rides as soon as you get there.


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Prices vary depending on the time of year. We recommend checking online.


Cercanías: Train C3 from Atocha railway station in direction of Aranjuez.
Train station: Parque de Ocio.
Car: Highway A4, exit 22.

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