Plaza del Callao

History, atmosphere, and Madrid's essence. Plaza del Callao is an icon, and one of the best places in Madrid to explore, go shopping or begin a great day in the capital!

A Symbol of Madrid

At the end of the 19th century, a square between Calle Preciados and Gran Via was built, quickly becoming one of the most popular squares in Madrid, Plaza del Callao. One of the main attractions is that its original buildings are still intact, such as the Placio de la Prensa (1928), the Carrión building (1933) and the mythical Cines Callao (1927). These buildings are key to the history of the square.

Leading from the square are streets important to the history of Madrid, such as Preciados, Calle del Carmen, and of course, Gran Via. All this makes the square a Madrid icon, and one of its most recognisable places.

Plaza del Callao is to Madrid what Trafalgar Square is to London, or Times Square in New York - totally iconic!


Visitng Madrid and not visiting Callao, is as if you never really visited Madrid at all! It's one of the city's most historic sights, and a place full of life all day and all night.

Its location at the end of Gran Via and close to Puerta del Sol means that it's easy to fit into your Madrid itinerary!


Metro: lines 3 and 5.