The eco-friendly public electric bikes called BiciMAD are an ideal option to get around Madrid, especially for short rides around the city center. You can rent a bike at any of the docking stations and leave it in any other.

The electric bikes are an excellent means of transport, as well as ecological, and it is an entertaining and agreeable way to discover the city, especially when it is sunny.

You can take any of the 2,028 electric bikes there are in central Madrid distributed among the 165 docking stations and place it back at any station when you’ve finished touring the city.  

You can either be an annual subscriber (if you’re in Madrid for a long period) or an occasional user (for tourists).

Occasional users (tourists)

This is the perfect option if you’re staying in Madrid for a few days and wish to explore the city by bike.

There are 1, 3 or 5-day cards. The card is free and will give you unlimited access to the electric bikes during its validity.

Visitors must insert their information in the totems of the docking stations and introduce their credit card number. BiciMAD will immediately block 150UR, which will become unblocked at the end of the validity period).

Occasional user rates

  • First hour: 2 (US$ 2.20) (if you use it for less than an hour, it will cost 2 (US$ 2.20))
  • Second hour: 4 (US$ 4.30) (if you use it for less than 2 hours, it will cost 4 (US$ 4.30))
  • Penalty fee for exceeding the two-hour period: 4 (US$ 4.30)      

Annual subscription

This option is for those that live in Madrid or going to spend a long time in the capital. Renting the electric bikes with the annual subscription is more economical, although it is necessary to pay an annual quote.

Annual rates

  • Annual rate: 25 (US$ 26.80)
  • Annual rate with a travel card: 15 (US$ 16.10)
  • First 30 minutes: 0.50 (US$ 0.50)
  • Following 30 minutes: 0.60 (US$ 0.60)

*If you collect your bike at the busiest docking stations and leave it at an empty station, you’ll enjoy a discount of 0.10 (US$ 0.10).

How it works

The electric bikes of BiciMAD are extremely easy to use. Once you have the card, you just go to the closest station, choose a bike with a green light (available), and approach your card until you hear a sound and it will be free. Afterwards, you just must place it back at any station.

Useful information

Make sure that the bicycle is well placed when you leave it, as not to pay extra. If it is correctly placed the base will go green and you will hear a noise.

Bikes with the seat turned the wrong way around means that they don’t work correctly (it is done by other users as a sign).